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Lesley Mitchell is back THURSDAY with a bonus fourth milonga lesson. Review. Catch up. Cram. It’s all still possible. See for yourself. Those pictures aren’t just blurry because our photographer is so bad. They’re blurry because everyone is moving fast. They’re all doing a milonga!

We start THURSDAY at 9:15pm at SPC. Join us for an evening of great music, good food, good fun.

And please join us this  Saturday, April 14 at 8 pm for our  Milonga Magnolia at  All Saints Church.  Live music by acclaimed Bandoneonist Emmanuel Trifilio. Free parking. No partner required. Party Dress. A Meetup at 7:20 for Meetup members. A Raw Beginners Lesson at 7:30 by Lou Becerra of CJDS for people who have never danced tango. You’ll like it.