Viva Tango Inc. is a not for profit organization run by volunteers who do the work needed for each event out of their desire to make each event special and their love of Tango.  The reward is lots of smiles and hugs!

Viva Tango’s food and beverage tables provide a place to find socialization and nourishment. They are very popular dancers and the people who provide the food each week are very much loved by the dancers. What follows is a description of what is done each week.

One part of this job is buying the food and paper cups, plates, napkins, spoons and forks that are consumed each week. The non perishable supplies are purchased in quantities that can last a number of weeks, so they are stored and do not need to be purchased each week. The food buying person needs to make a weekly shopping trip and arrive at the beginning of the event. This person needs some space to store some supplies that are needed for future weeks. The cost of the food is reimbursed and the food person does not pay the weekly $15 admission.

The second part of the job is putting the food on platters, filling the water dispenser and putting the food and water on the tables for the dancers.  This person also replenishes the refreshments as they are consumed during the evening. At the end of the evening this person clears off the food and beverage tables and takes the dirty dishes home to wash for next week. This person needs to be at the beginning and end of the event, and have storage space for a few dishes at home. This person does not pay the weekly $15.

New volunteers are needed. David and Dennis have been doing both jobs for most of the events during the past several years. If you want to help contact David, Dennis or Sylvie at the phone numbers below.

There is also one angel who brings a cake every week. Food contributions are very much appreciated.

Meet our volunteer team:

David Kalmus – 609 915 3160

Dennis Matthies – 609 577 0476

Jonathan Pollack

Yelena Cherdak

Sylvie Brien – 215 917 6303

Warren Wilson

Victor Bek

Cliff Folke

Vicki Wu

Karl Hoelper

Joanne Baker 

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