Viva Tango Inc. is a non profit organization.
We all doing it for the love of Argentine Tango.
Our volunteers are the blood line of Viva Tango Inc.

There is a lot of work done each week to make the events special. New volunteers are needed. The reword for this work is the appreciation of your fellow dancers and self satisfaction of making these events special. The food preparation and presentation is one area that is particularly in need of a loving volunteer. VivaTango had at one time a saint who did this each week. She was the most loved person each week. We would like to find another saint who would take this on.

Meet our volunteers (not to worry; temporary pix until we’ll photo these busy people):

David Kalmus

Dennis Matthies

Jonathan Pollack

Yelena Cherdak

Warren Wilson

Danelle Knapp

Kerry Kay


Louis Becerra

Karl Hoelper

Joanne Barker

Victor Bek


Angela Hee

Betty McCormack


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