Viva Tango Inc. mission is to bring the best artists in the business and pay them as much as we possibly can and then some to keep them in this (difficult) business.

Here are the artists in order of recent appearances:

Pablo Garcia Gomez  & Iwona Lunescu

Pablo and Iwona are the artists in residence of Viva Tango Inc. and teach once a month usually the 1st Thursday (only because they cannot do it more often.
Viva picture-2

Michael Nadtochi
 & Eleonora Kalganova

Michael Nadtochi needs no introduction to Viva Tango Inc. Tangueras and Tangueros, now accompanied with his charming portage Eleonora Kalganova they provide a magical touch.
Michael Nadtochi and Eleonora Kalganova

 Roberto Pena and Jacklyn Shapiro

Three time US National Tango Championship Finalists

Natale & Guillermo Elkouss


Vittoria and Guillermo were with Viva Tanago Inc. from its inception, and even now as they reside mainly in Buenos Aires, they are forever good friends. We cannot wait for their Spring 2015 visit.

Anton Gazenbeek & Jody Persons

Anton and Jody are perhaps the hardest working teachers in Argentine Tango. While teaching they are injecting energy into the entire crowd throughout the night.
Anton and Jody Lesson

Prince Tango Trio

Maurizio Najt – Piano, Pedro Giraudo – Bass, Wendy Zoffer – Flute


Viva Tango Inc. closed 2014 with a sensational Holiday Party featuring Prince Tango Trio, DJ Michael Littwin and a festive buffet. About 70 Tangueras and Tangueros took part in this last event on December 18, 2014.

Prince Tango Trio captured the passion of Argentine Tango, electrifying the venue with their seasoned music. Maurizio, Wendy and Pedro complement each other very well, as one would expect from such awesomely experienced musicians.

Viva Tango Inc. is using these wonderful musicians for special occasions. For more info. please see

Others, less frequent artists, due to conflict of schedule;

Cyrena Drusin

Cyrena is an American born and raised who just followed her love to Argentine Tango, moved to Buenos Aires and rised all the way to be U.S. Tango Salon Champion. Like V&G above she is splitting her time between Tango Mecca (aka Buenos Aires) and NYC, and also like with V&G, we cannot wait for her return.


Richard Council
Richard Council

Richard is a wonderful teacher and resides mainly in the Florida east coast. We wish he would be around the north east more often.

Lesley Mitchell



Lesley Mitchell with husband and partner Kelly Ray are veteran Tango instructors and milonga hosts in the Phila. area.

Soon to be added; more wonderful, less frequent artists.






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