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The yoga class which precedes Viva Tango in the winter is taking a break tonight, so we get an extra hour of dancing! Practica starts at 8:00pm at the Suzanne Patterson Center.

Lesley Mitchell  will teach a milonga class at 9:00 and she’ll be back next week for the final installment in our milonga series. That’s two more opportunities to learn how to milonga, people!

If you’ve been paying attention and you attend all four milonga classes, you will posilutely, absotively be doing a milonga before it’s over. If not, Lesley will take you home with her and make you do remedial asanas until you’re enlightened. (That’s your moment of Zen for the day.)

Nine days from now, April 14th, is our Milonga Magnolia at All Saints. We’ll have live music by acclaimed Bandoneonist Emmanuel Trifilio and yes, there will definitely be milonga tandas. if you didn’t have a good reason to learn to milonga before, you’ve got one now.

 Directions  to SPC               Directions to All Saints