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Lesley Mitchell‘s magic is working. There is a man (who shall remain nameless, but he’s closely associated with Viva) who did a milonga for the first time. Successfully! You had to see it to believe it. Lesley will be back at SPC this Thursday to continue transforming the left-footed into the fleet-footed. Practica starts at 8, lesson at 9. This is working so well that we’ve asked Lesley to come back next week too, when we return to the 9:15 start time for another three weeks.

We’ve been hoarding pictures all month. We could say the dog ate them, but… Only a few are slightly pre-chewed.  See the Picasa album here.

Don’t forget our first Saturday milonga is coming up April 14th at All Saints Church. It will include a Meetup for members of the Tango Meetup Group and a Beginners Lesson by Lou Becerra of Central Jersey Dance Society for people who have not taken tango lessons before.