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We’ve straightened out our heads, our calendars and our Popsicle stick collection. Viva is tonight at 9:15 at SPC.

Lesley Mitchell  wraps up her milonga series with a review of the material covered so far. To that she will add some variations and show us how to make sequences of the steps we already know. We told you that you’d be doing a milonga if you stuck with it. There’s just one thing left to do. Boogie on down to SPC tonight and learn how to do a milonga with finesse.

Speaking of finesse, we’ve definitely got some in store for you on Saturday at our Milonga Magnolia. It starts with award winning Bandoneonist, Emmanuel Trifilio, from the legendary Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires. 

It includes a Raw Beginners’ Lesson by Lou Becerra of CJDS. And then there’s food by Nelly. You know it’s going to be good. That’s 8 o’clock Saturday at All Saints Church.

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