No, no, no. The Kinks won’t have it. Don’t forget to smile either, after the pause. That’s how the ladies know they’ve got a good dancer in their arms. A man with a good embrace who can change weight with authority and who knows when to pause is a dream. It’s nice if he knows other things, but not mandatory. This will do. That’s why you’ll want to continue with our musicality series of lessons tonight. It’s all about stops in the music and pauses in the dance.

You’ll be dancing better than ever if you complete our musicality series, tonight and the next two weeks. Then you’ll graduate to a real milonga, our Holiday Milonga on December 29th. Caps and gowns, a valedictorian, a commencement speech, a marching band. No, scratch that. It will be a real grown-up, dress-up milonga with no announcements. That’s a promise.

Please join us tonight at 9:15 for the lesson and 10:15 for the practica at the Suzanne Patterson Center, 45 Stockton St, Princeton.  Click here for  Directions.