First we celebrated Papa Hemingway’s birthday. It would have been better in Key West with some big game (you know, lions and tigers) roaming around, but we made do with cheesecake and flamenco ukulele. See the video here.

Papa Hemingway's Birthday Dance

Then we really did see a man dance with his wife. And what a man! What a wife! We all pretended not to be gawking while Diego and Carolina were taking a spin around the dance floor.

If you missed it, you’ll want to come at 9:15 on Thursday because you never know what celebrity sightings might occur.

The lesson this week will be about musicality and recognizing the stops. The essence of tango is the stops, the pauses. That’s why there’s a whole milonga named La Pausa! It’s that important. And you’ll get a head start on your New Year’s resolution to become a perfect tanguero. You can’t pass that up, can you?