But 19 tango days left ’til New Year’s Eve. We just wanted to be sure you’ve got your priorities straight. There’s still plenty of time to master those paradas and  calisitas so you’ll be fully prepared to drink Champagne triumphantly from the nearest pair of Comme-il-Fauts when the ball drops.

Our musicality series continues this week. That musicality stuff is way harder than it looks. Don’t try it at home, boys and girls. It requires a professional. Ours will be on hand at 9:15 on Thursday, December 15th with a lesson in recognizing the musical phrases (while doing calisitas, YES!!) Please join us then. Directions below.

This week we have our Picasa album and a BONUS video of Guillermo demonstrating enrosques. This you should definitely try at home, over and over and over again.