Happy New Year!

There is no milonga tonight. As explained is some detail in the last newsletter, our events have been suspended until the current record-breaking wave of Covid infections has passed. VivaTango remains committed to supporting the Tango community and is optimistic that 2022 will develop into a good year for tango again.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures that looked back on the highlights of VivaTango  milongas in 2021. We have many highlights from the past 1000 plus Thursday Tango Milongas in Princeton. Here is a group photo from one of the visits of Junior Cervila and Guadalupe Garcia. VivaTango looks forward to their return. A quick update on this couple is that their second wedding anniversary is coming up in 12 days, and they are the proud parents of a baby boy

Pretty pictures of a great tango team. Below is the current not so pretty Covid picture in New Jersey. Infections 5 times higher than any previous surge. Fortunately, fully vaccinated persons are not getting seriously ill. However, fully vaccinated persons are getting infected and can pass the virus onto other friends and family. So we are watching for this surge to fade away.