Happy New Year to all of you who read our newsletters. This newsletter is dedicated to the memories of 2021 and looking forward to 2022.

This being New Year’s Eve, my memories go back to VivaTango’s last New Year’s Eve Milonga in 2019 with 102 dancers.

Thursday Tango in Princeton started in 1998 and ran un interrupted for over a 1000 Thursdays until closing for Covid in February 2020. Thursday Tango tradition restarted in July of this year, 2021. All events this year required proof of vaccination. Face masks were optional in July and August, but VivaTango was required to have all dancers wear masks for the remainder of the year. The Highlight of 2021 was the December Holiday Milonga attended by 55 dancers. Passionate live music was played by Maurizio Najt on piano, and Juan Carlos Arias on bandoneon. The ever-musical DimOn the Tango DJ played wonderful Tangos, Waltzes and Milongas between sets of live music.

Another Highlight was hosting Pedro Giraudo’s Grammy Award winning quartet in July. This milonga was proceeded by phones blasting weather alerts of possible tornados and flooding. The winds rose and the rain poured down just before the milonga started. Forty three dedicated dancers braved the warnings, and Pedro and his quartet arrived as did Kerry Kay who DJed between live sets. The music and dancing were spectacular. We also had live music on another Thursday with Maurizio Najt and Shinjoo Cho performing. 

Tango lessons preceded those milongas that did not have live music. Lessons featured instructors: Pablo Garcia Gomez andIwona who are the artists in residence here in Princeton, Meredith Klein and Andres Amarilla who run the Philadelphia Tango School and host the annual Philadelphia Tango Festival, Helen Wang from NYC where she hosts the La Milonga Misteriosa and Candle Light Milongas, and the world renown Eleonora Kalganova.

Our DJs artful selection of tangos, waltzes, milongas and cortinas created an atmosphere of passion and beauty for the dancers to enjoy. Those DJing this year include: DimOn the Tango DJ, Kerry Kay, Helen Wang, Andres Amarilla, and joining us from her world DJing travels was MahoK, aka Urszula Abolik.

This year’s events were made possible by the volunteers that make VivaTango run. Sylvie Brien is the amazing coordinator of the volunteers. She recognized the volunteers at the Holiday Party in the photo below. The volunteers in the photo are, from left to right: Mike Littwin, Virginia Hedges, Warren Wilson, Ken Berard, Sylvie Brien, Daniel Rolon, Joel Mack, missing from the photo are Lynn McGuire, Victor Bec, Santosh, Ranchu Mathew and Dennis

We are optimistic that 2022 will turn out to be a good year for Tango, however it is off to a difficult start. Given that Covid infections at the start of 2022 are at a all time high in NJ, there are no VivaTango events planned. We are optimistic that this surge will end as quickly as it stated. Events will begin again when the weekly count of new infections drops to safer numbers. Read our newsletters for updates. Go to the VivaTango web page at www.VivaTango.org and click on follow to get news. On the web page you can also look at some of the memories from the past by clicking on the tab at the top titled Tango Festival and remember the world and national tango champions and Grammy Award wining musicians that came to VivaTango’s two summer Festival Series. You can also go to Viva Tango Princeton on Facebook for information. Friend us if you are not already a friend. Send us photos and videos of your favorite times at VivaTango events.