VivaTango Newsletter

Last Thursday Eleonora returned to VivaTango and 54 vaccinated and masked dancers enjoyed the evening. Thanks to all who came to support Eleonora and Dimon TangoDJ.

Restarting the tango community needs your support. We are working on the air conditioning. Last week was the hottest Thursday of the year.

The AC was turned down low, but failed to cool the room fast enough so that the room temperature was not as low as wanted at the start of the evening.

This week we will have the thermostat turned down earlier, and the weather forecast for this Thursday is 10 degrees cooler than last Thursday.

Helen Wang will be guest instructor and DJ

Helen Wang will be guest instructor and DJ. Her performance partner is not available, so there will not be a performance as planned. However, she looks forward to dancing with the VivaTango dancers.  Helen is a professional tango performer, instructor, choreographer and host of the La Milonga Misteriosa and Candle Light Milongas in NYC. She was drawn to the connection and the improvisation elements of tango. Her dancing is distinctive, sensual and playful with humor. Helen has a skilled teaching style that simplifies complex dance figures.

Helen Wang became hooked on Tango in Buenos Aires, returned home, quit her job as a fashion stylist and returned to Buenos Aires for intensive training with renowned maestros. She won 1st place in the stage tango category at the USA Tango Championship NYC with her dance partner in 2013. She has performed at Lincoln Center, major theaters and milongas in the USA, and was the main dancer in a theater piece directed by Hector Zaraspe (creative director of Tango Pasión), to list a few accomplishments.  .

So, what career did Helen give up to become a tango diva? Helen graduated from Cornell University in fashion design and management. Her elegant designs and styles were discovered right after graduation, and she worked for Ivanka Trump and Wendy Murdoch as their stylist assistant for a whole year. What’s more, she designs and makes all of her performance dresses

Helen Wang will DJ Thursday at VivaTango

Helen is an experienced DJ. She has DJ’ed at the monthly milongas in Boston for two years before the pandemic. She currently DJs at her Candle Light Milonga in NYC. While she was in Boston, she was constantly requested back to DJ at the major milongas at Dance Union. Be ready to dance all night long without sitting down! 

For Your Safety

All dancers must have been vaccinated with their final shot at least two weeks before the event and are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose. Sanitation stations are provided, the dance floor is large, the ceiling is high, and the ventilation has been upgraded with filters recommended for safety. Dancers are urged to bring their own water bottle. Dancers should not come if they are not feeling well, have been exposed to a person with Covid in the past 2 weeks, or are awaiting results for a Covid test. Attendance records are kept for each event so that contact tracing can be done if there is a cause to do so.

See you on Thursday!


45 Stockton Street

Princeton, NJ