Last Thursday 43 vaccinated and masked dancers shared a wonderful evening of dancing. The dancers were thankful that their fellow dancers were wearing masks to protect all the dancers. Masks of many colors and designs added to the masked ball event. By a show of hands these 43 dancers expressed a show of confidence for moving ahead and supporting guest instructor, Eleonora Kalganova, this week. This week we celebrate the reunion with Eleonora Kalganova. EVENT LINK

Lesson 7 to 8:15, Milonga 8:15 to 11, $20

Eleonora Kalganova returns to the VivaTango dance floor after nearly a two-year break. Eleonora has hundreds of lessons and performances on YouTube. These videos show off the precision of her foot work and the spontaneity of dancing. Eleonora’s personality gives her 200% presence on the dance floor. Join her for her lesson, and dancing during the milonga.


TangO DJ, DimOn, will be DJing the milonga that follows Eleonora’s lesson. DimOn plays tandas that are well formulated and has a perfect mix of tangos, vals, and milongas. Emphasis is on traditional tango music with a touch of nuevo. The music fidelity is high and clear. 

For Your Safety

All dancers must have been vaccinated with their final shot at least two weeks before the event and are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose. Sanitation stations are provided, the dance floor is large and the ceiling is high, and the ventilation has been upgraded with filters recommended for safety. We will not be providing a common food or beverage table – dancers are urged to bring their own water bottle. Dancers should not come if they are not feeling well, have been exposed to a person with Covid in the past 2 weeks, or are awaiting results for a Covid test. Attendance records are kept for each event so that contact tracing can be done if there is a cause to do so.


45 Stockton Street

Princeton, NJ