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Pedro Giraudo Quartet

Grammy for Best Tango Album – 2018

DimOn DJing

Milonga with Live Tango Music

Thursday August 22nd   

8PM – 11:45PM

Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton
Large hard-wood dance floor with off-street parking

Socialize around VivaTango’s Food and Beverage tables

Dress to match your Tango Passion
Partner is not necessary – Non dancers are welcome

Cost $20 and $5 for students

Latin GRAMMY Award winner Pedro Giraudo is originally from Córdoba Argentina, but moved to New York City in 1996. He has won numerous awards and recognitions, eliciting acclaim from jazz critics. His most recent Grammy award was for Best Tango Album in 2018. His latest album is “An Argentinian in New York”.


Sunday Brunch Milonga 8/25  Noon to 3 PM

Next Thursday

8/29 Paulita will be here with Michael Nadotchi to teach and perform

Save the Date

9/19 Oscuro Quintet Live Music and Pablo and Iwona lesson

9/26 Junior and Guadalupe Teach and Perform

10/3 Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera Teach and Perform