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                          Eleonora Kalganova Class 8pm-9pm

Rocking – Redirection into a Barrida”

DJ Maria Aldrete Milonga 9pm – 11:45pm

Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton
Large hard-wood dance floor with off-street, lighted parking

Socialize around VivaTango’s Food and Beverage tables
Partner is not necessary – non dancers are welcome

$15 (Students $5 )

Eleonora Kalganova is a dance artist and teacher who focuses on exploring improvisation, flow, and communication in Argentine tango. Eleonora encourages students to develop improvisational skills through simple and dynamic techniques, achieve relaxed and released style, and most importantly, find new and liberating ways of relating, expressing, and communicating non-verbally with others. Eleonora lives in both Russia and the United States. She travels extensively nationally and internationally, performing and conducting workshops.


8pm to 9pm Lesson
9pm to Midnight – Milonga
Suzanne Patterson Building
45 Stockton St, Princeton
Large hardwood dance floor
Off-street parking at the entrance
Partner is not necessary
Beginners welcome
Cost $15  and $5 for students


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