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At a time when tango was really tango, men were really men, a good cigar was only a nickel and Evita Peron was in her heyday, three now legendary guys from the barrios of Buenos Aires started going to milongas to learn how it’s done from the old masters.  The three – Cacho Mantegassa, Eduardo Pareja and Carlos Perez – are now the old masters of milonguero style tango.

Vittoria and Guillermo, recently back from Buenos Aires, spent some time with these legends, learning their elegant salon style tango moves to bring them back  to the USA for us!

Come to SPC at 9:15 tonight to join in the lesson. It’s the real deal. Admission $12, $5 for full time students with ID.

Next week, November 1, is our Halloween Party. Don’t throw those costumes out prematurely.

Directions to SPC