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We had such a fabulous time at our birthday party we’re trying to think of ways to have more birthdays.  We couldn’t help but notice, however, that it was a Thursday night with a 9:15 start time. Yet 60 or more of you came and stayed and stayed.  After we played the goodbye-go-home song (yikes, several of you even did a fox trot to that because you weren’t done dancing) we were shoveling people out the door after midnight. We love when that happens!!! Why doesn’t it happen more often?

People, you’ve proved to yourselves that tango is more important than sleep, that 9:15 is not too late to start having fun and that if enough of you show up it’s always a good time. All we can say is we want more of that. Think of it as a birthday present for Viva.

October 18, 2012

Join us on Thursday when Vittoria and Guillermo return from another world tour. This time they’ve brought an amazing gift with them. They’ve learned figures from three old time milongueros, the last of a dying breed, all elegant tango salon dancers.  V&G will be revealing the secrets of these legendary tangueros to us in their next few lessons. Don’t miss it.

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