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Vittoria and Guillermo have returned from their tour of California and are ready to dish up salidas tonight at 9:15 at SPC.

Salida translates as exit, the way out. And it is the way out – onto the dance floor. Vittoria and Guillermo will teach salidas with a half turn and embellishments tonight. In other words, spicy salidas.

Nelly has returned from her tour of ShopRite and is ready to dish up Saladas. Salada translates as that bag on a string that you dip into hot water. If you haven’t noticed, Nelly has been providing a variety of coffees and teas for the past several weeks. Add that to a great lesson, good food, nice music, wonderful people and you’ve got a complete fun evening of tango.

We hope you’ll join us for it. The kettle’s on.