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Thanks to all of you who came to our milonga Saturday night. It was a fabulous time. Great live music, great food, great people. When you get Vittoria and Guillermo, Lesley and Kelly, and the two Annas from Philadelphia all on the dance floor at the same time, that’s a critical mass of really, really, really good dancers. It makes a milonga feel like Buenos Aires.

Special thanks to the brilliant Bandoneonist Emmanuel Trifilio, to our pop-up surprise performer, Rebecca Salazar of the glorious voice, and to Lou Becerra of CJDS for teaching a terrific Beginners Lesson. Click below for pictures.

Join us Thursday at 9:15 pm for an exciting lesson with Vittoria and Guillermo on salidas. It’s where you begin, how you get on the dance floor. Vittoria and Guillermo have gotten on some  of the best with style and panache. They will reveal their secrets to us. If you start big, good things are sure to follow, don’t you think?

Milonga Magnolia
April 12, 2012