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If you understand that sentence,  you’ve already passed the entrance requirements for Milonga University. Distinguished Professor  Lesley Mitchell will be on hand tonight – 9:15 at the Suzanne Paterson Center – to conduct a further symposium in the uses, abuses, derivations and applications of milonga steps, milonga music and navigating your way around a crowded milonga dance floor.

If all your teachers had been this good, you’d have multiple PhD’s by now.

Join us for an evening of fun with tango, great snacks and nice people. By the time we pass out the Blue Books, you’ll be ready to ace the whole milonga thing.

And speaking of milongas, we’re going to have one! Our  Milonga Magnolia will be on Saturday, April 14th  with the live music of  Emmanuel Trifilio  on bandoneon. Save the date.