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There’s still time to learn how to milonga. Lesley Mitchell  gives the second in her trio of milonga lessons this Thursday in SPC at 9:15 pm.  

You’re not having real fun on the tango dance floor until you can milonga. And, according to verytango.com, you’re not doing the real tango. (See their interesting article on the African and Cuban origins of milonga here.) We don’t want you wishing you coulda, shoulda, woulda. Life is too short for regrets. The only solution is to come on over and benefit from Lesley’s superb teaching.

The reason you need to milonga?  We’re going to have a milonga! Our plans will be firmed up in the next few days but it looks like Viva will be starting a monthly milonga  on the  second Saturday  of each month. The inaugural will be April 14th.

You wouldn’t want to go to a milonga and not milonga, would you?