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Drum-roll, please. We know you’ve had your Oscar nomination in hand for weeks now. We know you’ve been working on your acceptance speech. And we also know Meryl Streep is going to win anyhow. So predictable. That got us to thinking; It’s usually the losers who are more interesting, more provocative, more fun.

Naturally we concluded you’d like to see the losers in our Valentine’s Day Milonga naming contest. Some of them really deserved their nominations:

  • I’m Never Dating Again Milonga

  • Droopy Red Rose Milonga

  • Stupid Cupid Milonga

  • Love’s a Bore Milonga

  • Wish You Were Elsewhere Milonga

  • The Valentine Blahs Milonga

  • Lost Love Milonga

  • I Hate Valentine’s Day Milonga

That should help clarify exactly what your own position is. Whether you love it, hate it, or feel supremely indifferent to Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to miss the fun we’ll be having at My Funny Valentine Milonga next Tuesday at the beautiful Tusk Restaurant.  Romantic music, good dancers, bar service, all excellent reasons to join us at 8. You might even be the target of one of Cupid’s stray arrows.

Just remember to thank us in your acceptance speech.