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In fact, smile, because Lesley Mtchell says “This is our 20th year of teaching tango and I’m still enthralled. Thank you Argentina!” Lesley has lived in Buenos Aires, speaks Spanish fluently, knows where to buy the best custom made tango shoes, can spot a Malbec at 50 paces, and knows who dances at which milongas each night in BsAs. That’s cultural immersion, a Norteamericana by birth, a Porteña at heart.

Lesley will be back at Viva this Thursday at 8 with a lesson in pinwheel turns (not molinetes.) You’ll be saying muy gracias before the night is out and smiling too.

And here’s another reason to smile: You’re just a week and a day away from My Funny Valentine Milonga at the beautiful Tusk Restaurant.

This is turning out to be a very warm, smiley winter, don’t you think?