The music fills the room. Vibrations. Sensations. Soft beats. Hard beats. That’s what our lesson is about tonight – musicality, finding those hard and soft beats and dancing in time to them.

Let’s see – Xmas Shopping; either you’re all done or it’s too soon to start. Office Party; dreading it but it’s not here yet. Eating Your Weight in Pie; that’s so last week. Dieting to Look Good for New Year’s Eve; too late to start. Redecorating the House for the Holidays; ditto.

There, that nicely clears your agenda for you, doesn’t it?  All that’s left is tango and you’re fresh out of excuses.

So please join us tonight at 9:15 at the Suzanne Patterson Center, 45 Stockton St. in Princeton for good company, good food, good dancing and some of the nicest tangueros in these parts.