We know you’ve been on your best behavior for days what with the relatives and all. You even refrained from throttling that woman at the Black Friday sale. Now you’d like a little respite. Sorry. We have other plans for you.

You know that blank Tango Etiquette page of ours? Well, finally it says something. About time. When you combine that with our four week series of lessons in musicality starting this Thursday, you’re going to be all set for our first Holiday Milonga on December 29th. 

Here’s what you have to do – Come to the SPC at 9:15 this Thursday, December 1st for a musicality lesson in listening to the hard and soft beats in tango, vals and milonga. Follow that up with the next three musicality lessons in stops, musical phrases and hearing the strong beat. Read the etiquette page.

By the end of December you’re going to be dancing beautifully, in perfect time to the music, with manners that would make your Mom proud. Us too. You want to make Mom proud, don’t you?