This year has already featured a Performance by Helen Wang and Luciano de Esbornia and another by Eleonora Kalganova and Alexis Rosen. You can see videos of some previous performances at . While you are on our website click follow and you will get notices when new performance is uploaded.

The third performance will be Thursday February 16 when Gabriel Gaumond & Catrinel Iftode join us from Washington DC. More details are in this newsletter below.

VivaTango is organizing a tour to Buenos Aires that will include virtual travel and entrance to a milonga. The milonga takes place on a Thursday in 1930 and you will dance to videos of live music by Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D’Arienzo, Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese orchestras. More details are in this newsletter below.

At VivaTango – You Will Dance!


Thursday February 16th Milonga will feature the Guest Tango Team of Gabriel Gaumond & Catrinel Iftode who will teach and perform. Their lesson topic is “Sacadas vs Barridas vs Enganche ! If you do not know the difference you will after this lesson. Gabrial and Ca Ti are based in Washington DC and have a dance style that has been characterized as romantic. Gabriel’s is known for his teaching of musical interpretation using the body as a medium for expression, and the mechanics of connection. Ca Ti seeks to help dancers feel confident, empowered and comfortable in their dance. They will teach an all-levels lesson starting at 7:00, the Milonga starts at 8:15 and the performance at 9:30. Lesson $15, Milonga $15, Both $20. EVENT LINK

Would you like to dance in the historic Tango dance halls of the 1930s to the live music of the orchestras of Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D’Arienzo, Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese? Doctora Margarita aka Meg Farrell, VJ extraordinaire, will transport you, via her collection of historic videos from this era, projected on the big screen. With the lights turned down low, and with a little imagination, you will be teleported in time and space to this era. Meg will share her knowledge of the interesting personalities and back stories of these orchestras. Learn what differentiates the music of these orchestras and why they are still the main Tangos played at modern day milongas. This all takes place from 7:00 to 8:15 PM, before the live music from Maurizio and Merisa begins. Cost for this video experience and the milonga with live music is $20. EVENT LINK

Thursday February 23rd Milonga with Live Music by Maurizio Najt and Melisa Atoyan. The milonga will be preceded by dancing with the great Tango orchestras presented by Doctora Margarita aka Meg Farrell. Meg will bring the great Tango orchestras to our dance floor via video and share interesting back stories about them and then you will dance to their original music. Don’t miss this unique experience. Meg will also DJ between live music sets during the milonga. Cost $20. Doors open at 7 PM. Tango to the great orchestras from 7:00 to 8:15.  Milonga with live music begins at 8:15. EVENT LINK


Monday night Tango in Red Bank

Fourth Saturday is Speakeasy Milonga


We remind dancers that they should not come if they have any symptoms or have been exposed to people who have Covid. Masks are recommended, but optional.


We urge dancers to bring their water bottle from home to cut down on single use bottles. There is also a chilled water fountain next to the bathroom to refill your water bottles with chilled water and a cold/hot water dispenser in the entry way to help keep you hydrated.


VivaTango is located at 45 Stockton Street, Princeton New Jersey. We have an off-street parking lot at the venue. The dance floor is in the smaller of the two buildings. We are also easily accessed by rail from NYC or Philly. Just get a ticket to Princeton (not Princeton Junction). You get off the train at Princeton Junction and take a shuttle train to Princeton. The venue is 8 blocks from the Princeton Train Station (0.8 mi.).


VivaTango continues to need help at the end of events to store chairs, tables, lights, and sound system. This task requires staying about 30 minutes after the end. You will be part of a team of 3 persons. This is a great way to get to know some of your fellow dancers. If interested contactSylvie

Thanks for dancing at VivaTango. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email me at Dennis