August at VivaTango


Last week the temperature outside was 98 degrees and our dance floor was 70 degrees at the start of the milonga and rose to 72 from the body heat of the dancers. Comfortable dancing conditions. Come join the other cool dancers.

August 4th MereTango Festival. They are well known in the international Tango community. They are looking forward to seeing all their friends at VivaTango: 7:00 Lesson, 8:15 Milonga, about 10:00 performance. Lesson $15, Milonga $15, Both $20. Dancers must show proof of full vaccination on their first visit. Masks are encouraged, but optional.EVENT LINK

Aug 11th Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu will continue their lesson series with the theme “Prolific Moments in Tango”. This series is aimed at helping dancers add creativity to their dance. The lesson this week is titled: “untangling the secrets of enrosques for leaders and followers”. The Tango term enrosque comes from the Spanish verb enroscar to twist or screw in. In Tango an enrosque is an embellishment performed by spinning on one foot while the other is hooked behind it. The body of the dancer then mimics the figure of a screw as they turn. Learn how to maintain balance while your legs are entangled and how to untangle in this week’s lesson. Lesson starts at 7:00 followed by the milonga at 8:15. Lesson $15, Milonga $15 or Both $20. Dancers must be fully vaccinated. EVENT LINK

August 18th Maurizio Najt plays live music for your dancing pleasure at tonight’s milonga. Maurizio is a graduate of the Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Buenos Aires. He performed in “Amigos del Tango”, Forever Tango Orchestra, Lincoln Center Plaza, Alice Tully Hall, Winter Garden, and the Argentine Embassys in Washington DC and Tokyo. Cost $20.

August 25th Jacklyn Shapiro returns to VivaTango to introduce us to her husband, Christyan. All of you who have known Jacklyn over the years that she taught at VivaTango will want to come and celebrate her return visit. For those of you who have not already met Jacklyn, you are in for a treat. Her FaceBook byline reads: Dance Diplomat, Wanderlust Queen, Curious Artist, Passionate Educator. All that is right on, but is only a small piece of her huge personality. There will be a lesson, performance and milonga. Lesson starts at 7 PM followed by the milonga at 8:15. Performance will be about 10:00. Lesson $15, Milonga $15 or Both $20. Dancers must be fully vaccinated.EVENT LINK


We urge dancers to bring their water bottle from home. There is a water fountain next to the bathroom to refill water bottles. We no longer have access to a refrigerator to cool water before events. We will continue to provided bottled water for dancers, but it is room temperature. We also will a jug water that is slightly cooler than the bottled water.


Our events require showing proof of full vaccination. You only have to show proof on your first visit. We also weekly remind dancers that they should not come if they have any symptoms or have been exposed to people who have Covid. Masks are recommended, but optional. For dancers who are not able to be vaccinated, they will be admitted if they have had a negative result from a PCR test in the past 72 hours or an antigen quick test in the past 24 hours.

Tango Partner App  is a must have tool to find milongas and partners while traveling anywhere in the world.

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or just want to say hello you can reply to this email.