VivaTango – June 30th

VivaTango’s dance floor last week was filled 60+ dancers enjoying theMilonga with live music. Note that start time will be 8 PM for this milonga. Doors open at 7:45

June 30th Is VivaTango’s traditional end of the month live music. The milonga will feature Maurizio Najt playing piano and Shinjoo Cho playing the bandoneon. Our world traveling DJ MayoK aka Urszula will be DJing between live music sets. Cost $20. EVENT LINK

MayoK aka Urszula

If you missed last week’s live music performance by Juan Villarreal and Patricio Crom here is a snippet of their performance:LIVE MUSIC


Our events require showing proof of full vaccination. You only have to do this on your first visit. Full vaccination requires getting boosters. We also weekly remind dancers that they should not come if they have any symptoms or have been exposed to people who have Covid. Masks are recommended, but optional. This update is being written to encourage dancers to feel comfortable wearing a mask at our events.

Tango’s cabeceo tradition is that eye contact plus a nod of the head seals a contract to dance a tanda. In the spirit of Tango etiquette, the right thing to do is if one of the partners is wearing a mask, the other should be prepared to wear a mask also. So, if you choose not to wear a mask you should have one handy in case the partner of your choice is wearing one.

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