Mask requirement to change

March to end with Live Music Milonga

Big Plans for April

The mask requirements for our dance floor have just been modified to allow masks to be optional. This change was made in response to CDC guidelines that were revised three weeks ago. Many of you have asked when this was going to happen. Some of you have not been dancing at VivaTango because masks were required. And, some of you were coming because we were requiring masks. The obvious dilemma is that not everyone will be pleased with this change. VivaTango wants to assure everyone that we are still work to create the safest environment possible, we will continue to require everyone to show proof of full vaccination on their first visit, and to fill out a short health questionnaire each time they check in. There will be sanitation stations, the superb ventilation system and no open food.

Those who wish to wear face coverings are welcome to do so. Dancers have told me that they have gotten used to masks and can dance comfortably in them now. Tango tradition has a wonderful etiquette that makes race, religions, politics and masks non factors. In the true spirit of Tango traditions eye contact plus a cabeceo seals a contract to dance a tanda. In this context the right thing to do is if one of the partners is wearing a mask, the other should be prepared to wear a mask also, or not accept the cabeceo. So, if you choose not to wear a mask you should have one handy in case the partner of your choice is wearing one.


Celebrate Spring with DimOn! Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu will be the featured instructors and DimOn the Tango DJ will host the Milonga at the March 24th VivaTango event. The lesson title is “Make it round, make it sharp: the full beauty of turns!”  DimOn the TangoDJ will turn the milonga into a celebration of Spring. EVENT LINK

Blue Moon Milonga on March 31st. Tango restarted in Princeton this March. The Blue Moon Milonga will complete March with a celebration. The milonga will feature Maurizio Najt playing piano and Shinjoo Cho playing the bandoneon. Four hours of dancing. EVENT LINK


April 7th  MayoK aka Urszula, our world traveling DJ has left Europe is now in Morocco but will return to host this milonga.Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu will teach a lesson before the milonga.

April 14th  Meredith Klein with dance partner Andres Amarilla will host the milonga and teach a lesson.

April 21st Will feature a Performance by Helen Wang and James Archambault. They will also tach a lesson and host a milonga.

April 28th  Live Music Milonga will feature the Yazmina Raies Trio.


Last chance for the Intensive Class on Milonga

More details at EVENT LINK

Milonga at Moulin Rouge – April 1st

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is holding a Moulin Rouge event. As part of this there will be a milonga and beginner classes organized by Meredith Klein. Tickets are $40 in advance and $45 at the door. Registration is at:

Philadelphia Tango Festival – June 2-5

More information and registration at

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