Three years ago, Valentine’s Day took place on a Thursday, and Magic happened once again at VivaTango. Were you there? VivaTango wishes all our dancers a Happy Valentine’s Day.

In the following sections of this newsletter read about the exciting programming coming in March. As a Valentines gift to all our dancers, click on the link at the end of this newsletter to see our nomination for the Most Romantic Tango Performed at a VivaTango Event.

Weekly Milongas Resume March 3rd

This year, March comes with 5 Thursdays. It will be packed with the best Tango talents from NYC, Philly and NJ.  We will have a Blue Moon Milonga celebration on the 5th Thursday.

Helen Wang will headline the first milonga on March 3rd. Helen, always lovely, always smiling will be instructing a lesson, DJing the milonga and dancing with you during the milonga. The original plan for February was for her to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the milonga. Covid got in the way of that plan, but every time Helen is hosting a milonga, it’s a celebration! Celebrate on March 3rd with Helen and your VivaTango Friends.

Jon Tariq will host the March 10th Milonga. Jon’s talents span the entire spectrum of Argentine Tango skills. Argentine Tango Instructor, Performer, Choreographer, DJ and more. Jon is one of the most sought-after instructors in NYC. Jon’s progressive and fun approach to teaching inspires students of all levels. His mission is to pass on the in-depth knowledge he has acquired from his many great teachers, contribute to the growth of the tango community and help preserve the traditions of Argentine Tango.

Meredith Klein with dance partner Andres Amarilla will host the milonga March 17th. Come celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at this milonga. Meredith and Andres  are Instructors, performers and event organizers. They provide a wide scope of Argentine Tango dance and music events in the Philadelphia area, including the Philadelphia Tango Festival. They are well known in the international Tango community. They are looking forward to seeing all their friends at VivaTango Thursday.

Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu will be the featured instructors at the March 24th VivaTango event.

Pablo, who is originally from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, has studied tango with various master teachers in his home country and in the United States.

Iwona explored a few other forms of dance before taking up tango, which she has studied in depth. Pablo and Iwona teach the Argentine tango classes at Princeton Adult School and they teach regularly at Viva Tango in Princeton, where they are artists in residence.

Blue Moon Milonga on March 31st will celebrate the restarting of Tango in Princeton. Details of this celebration will be developed and announced later.

Click this link to view the video of

Guillermina and Mariano VivaTango 6 June 2019
This is our nomination for the Most Romantic Performance at VivaTango. Romantic in the sense of connection between the dancers and graceful movements. VivaTango’s Happy Valentine’s Day gift to you.

If you look at the photo you will see that 4 of the 9 spectators videoed this performance. There were seventy some dancers at this Valentine’s milonga. At least 9 videos were made. If you have a personal collection of videos of performances at VivaTango that you would be willing to share with VivaTango, please email me at