Milongas to resume in February

Covid cases in NJ continue their rapid decline. This week the number of new cases is half of what they were a week ago, but they are still about double the number on the day of the VivaTango Holiday Milonga. In anticipation that the number of new cases will continue to rapidly decline, VivaTango is planning to resume milongas on Thursday February 24th. Program details will be announced in the next newsletter. Our safety precautions for the restart will be determined by the terms of our rental from PSRC.

Tango Connection App

One of the special attributes of Tango is that you can walk into a milonga anywhere in the world and feel welcome. The cabeceo protocol for inviting a follower to dance or accepting an invitation to dance is universal. The music, embrace and movements are also universal. My experience has been that European tango dancers take the dance more seriously, with total focus, tighter embraces and no talking while dancing. Even if you do not know the local language, you can dance all night without problems.

VivaTango dancers travel the World. Facebook is full of their exploits. Some of this travel is to attend Tango events, and some is the dancer’s wanderlust. In any event, the dancers often wonder where can I find a great Tango milonga or festival to make my traveling more interesting. Google searches will turn up useful possibilities. Sometimes, the searches turn up defunct tango groups that no longer meet. These searches are hit and miss.

Dimitris Bronowski is a successful entrepreneur who loves Tango. He is the editor and co-author of the book Tango Tips by the Maestros (Amazon’s #1 best seller in the Dance category) and the author of Tangofulness, the most translated tango book in the world. A tanguero since 2009, he sees in tango an opportunity to heal and be healed. His entrepreneurial successes give him the means to go to Tango Festivals. He also does a lot of travel for the ventures that he has founded. On these trips he looks for local milongas to attend. Dimitris saw that there should be a better way to find a milonga where ever you are. His success gave him the means to do something to make finding milongas and tango dancers easier for everyone, where ever they are. He created an app that he calls TangoPartner.

TangoPartner’s mission is to help tango dancers around the world experience more moments of meaning in tango and bring together the global tango family. So, what can this app do? The free TangoPartner app helps you connect easily with nearby tango dancers by sending them a cabeceo (a friend request in the context of the app). This allows you to ask for local information if you are travelling, share a ride, book accommodation or register to an event together, stay in touch with your favorite tango dancers, or even find other tango dancers at the airport. Moreover, you can connect with tango professionals in your country and abroad, and you can find festivals, marathons, milongas, practicas, classes, etc. Finally, you can find tango books, clothes, online tango classes and more. You can download the free Tango Partner app on Google Play or App Store.

Take a look and see if this will enhance your Tango Live.