We are Thankful that Tango dancing started again in 2021. VivaTango will finish off 2021 with great events in December with lessons, milongas and our annual Holiday Party. VivaTango’s annual Holiday Party will feature one of the world’s best Tango musicians and one of the world’s best Tango dancers. This will be a party of the stars. Details follow.

November 25th – Happy Thanksgiving – No Event

Home and Family are at the heart of Thanksgiving. Thursday Tango has been home to a Tango community in Princeton for 23 years. When you enter the doors here on Thursday nights you transition into a home with a welcoming family of fellow dancers, instructors, performers, musicians and DJs. There is a harmony amongst a great diversity of skill levels, religions, race, ethnicity, education and other characteristics. All embrace and provide physical and emotional connections, that are important to us as individuals, and hard to find elsewhere. So, if you are new to VivaTango, or have done Thursday Tango in Princeton for 20+

years we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with your traditional home and family. Your Tango home and family will be here for you each Thursday the rest of the year. VivaTango is thankful for each of the dancers, volunteers, instructors, musicians and DJs that unite in the Princeton Tango Family.

Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu return to VivaTangoThey will teach a festive lesson on “Sustained flow with longer sequences”. This is an important dance skill for filling the 3-minute Tango with interesting and varied dance sequences. Challenging? Yes! Fun? Absolutely! Lesson starts at 7:00. When the lesson is over, the milonga will start. During the milonga, Pablo and Iwona will have part of the dance floor blocked off to work with individual dancers. They call this area the Guided Practica Space (GPS). Step right in and take advantage of their help to further polish your technique.

Pablo, who is originally from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, has studied tango with various master teachers in his home country and in the United States.

Iwona explored a few other forms of dance before taking up tango, which she has studied in depth. Pablo and Iwona teach the Argentine tango classes at Princeton Adult School and they teach regularly at Viva Tango in Princeton, where they are artists in residence.

Kerry Kay will DJ the milonga this week at 8:15. Kerry has DJed at VivaTango for many years, and also in many venues in NJ and PA. Kerry plays a lovely mix of tandas. You will also see her on the dance floor.

$15, Milonga $15, Both $20


Eleonora Kalganova Returns to VivaTango. The woman with the most amazing tango feet will teach a lesson at VivaTango. Combine her amazing foot work with her international performance experience and ability to teach; and you know that we are lucky to have her teach a lesson at VivaTango. Her lesson this week is titled “Playful Conversation” and will be taught together with Jan Ben. Do not miss this.

DimOn the TangoDJ will DJ at the milonga. Two of the great composers and musicians from the golden era of Tango, Julio De Caro and Carlos Gardel, have birthdays on December 11th.  The Secretary of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires declared December 11th National Tango Day 60 years ago. DimOn will honor these great men and celebrate the National Tango Day by telling us a little about these two artists, and playing a few tandas of both artists. He will also have a slide show running related to the occasion. Lesson $15, Milonga $15, Both $20


VivaTango will have its annual Holiday Milonga this year on Thursday December 16th. The stars are aligning for a fantastic event.  Pablo Estigarribia one of the greatest tango pianists alive, will be in attendance, performing a short concert and then live music for dancing.  Meredith Klein will be teaching the pre-milonga class, accompanied by a very special surprise guest; Meredith will also be our DJ.  There will be door prizes and surprises.  Dress to impress and come out to end the tango year on a very high note! Admission only $20.


Connect Yourself to the world wide Tango community with this Free App

The free Tango Partner app helps you get more of the tango you love. As a user you can connect easily with nearby social tango dancers by sending them a cabeceo (a friend request in the context of the app). This allows you to ask for local information if you are travelling, share a ride, book accommodation or register to an event together, stay in touch with your favorite tango dancers, or even find other tango dancers at the airport. Moreover, you can connect with tango professionals in your country and abroad, and you can find festivals, marathons, milongas, practicas, classes, etc. Finally, you can find tango books, clothes, online tango classes and more. 

You can download the Tango Partner app on Google Play or App Store.

For Your Safety

All dancers must have been vaccinated with their final shot at least two weeks before the event and are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose. Sanitation stations are provided, the dance floor is large, the ceiling is high, and the ventilation has been upgraded with high efficiency filters for your safety. Dancers are urged to bring their own water bottle. Dancers should not come if they are not feeling well, have been exposed to a person with Covid in the past 2 weeks, or are awaiting results for a Covid test.

See you on Thursday!


45 Stockton Street

Princeton, NJ

MAP  Off street parking at venue.