Last Thursday 65 dancers enjoyed the “Unbelievable, incredible, hallucinatory music for dancing by Emiliano Messiez and Leandro Ragusa, here at VivaTango Princeton. So amazing and so good for the soul.” Thanks to Emiliano and Leandro for the music and thanks to Meredith Klein for arranging the performance and taking the video. If you were there check out the video to see if you are in it. If you were not there check out the video to see a sample of the music and the dancers that you missed.   VIDEO

The good times continue. Our traveling DJ, MayoK aka Urszula, has recently returned to the US, this time from Marrakesh Morocco.  The cortinas will include an urban mix with Moroccan Spice and Marrakesh Magic.

November 4th

Lesson with Iwona and Pablo  +   Milonga with DJ MayoK aka Urszula

Iwona and Pablo’s lesson title is “It Takes Three to Tango”. What is that third member of this threesome? They will show you that you, your partner, and … the floor are the important elements for maximizing the connection to the floor for beautiful tango figures and rhythmic milonga movements.

The milonga that follows the lesson at 8:15 will be DJed by the incomparable MayoK, also known as Urszula. She is just returning from Morocco. She will bring some of the mystic magic she experienced in Marrakesh. Thursday’s milonga will be the Marrakesh Milonga.

7:00 PM Lesson

8:15 PM Milonga

Lesson $15, Milonga $15, Both $20


For Your Safety

All dancers must have been vaccinated with their final shot at least two weeks before the event and are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose. Sanitation stations are provided, the dance floor is large, the ceiling is high, and the ventilation has been upgraded with high efficiency filters for your safety. Dancers are urged to bring their own water bottle. Dancers should not come if they are not feeling well, have been exposed to a person with Covid in the past 2 weeks, or are awaiting results for a Covid test.

See you on Thursday!


45 Stockton Street

Princeton, NJ

MAP  Off street parking at venue.

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