VivaTango Newsletter

Last week was perfect. The room was cool, Meredith and Andres’ lesson was wonderful, Andres DJed and his tandas made for a delightful milonga with lively Latin dance cortinas. The 42 dancers present had FUN. A ladies choice tanda was introduced during the milonga, and will be offered again in future milongas.

This week VivaTango will host our first touring guest tango artists, Gabriel Huracan Gaumond & Catrinel Iftode. They will teach and perform for VivaTango dancers.


Thursday September 16th

Gabriel Huracan Gaumond & Catrinel Iftode will teach and perform this Thursday. This will be the first performance of our 2021 season. Their dance style has been characterized as romantic. They will teach Colgaditas in close embrace for the dance floor.

Gabriel Gaumond

Originally from Montreal, Gabriel taught and performed for over a decade throughout North America before settling in Washington DC, his current home. Gabriel fell in love with tango as soon as he learned how to take a side step.

He realized then, the infinite potential for creative expression available through this dance, and has dedicated his life ever since to mastering this skill and sharing it with others. Gabriel feels most fulfilled when he is teaching, helping his students reach their tango goals.

One of his favorite experiences is that of witnessing the look on a dancer’s face when they finally understand something in the dance that they had been struggling with. Gabriel is talented at troubleshooting steps and finding solutions to complex figures, regardless of whether their style or aesthetic fits his own.

He believes that tango is a language we speak with our bodies and he is particularly interested in exploring the subtleties of how this communication works. His favorite topics to teach are musical interpretation using the body as a medium for expression and the mechanics of connection.

Catrinel Iftode

Catrinel sees tango as an excellent tool for personal growth. She finds pleasure in noticing the ways in which her growth in tango has mirrored her inner journey of self-improvement and discovery. She has a lot of fun noticing the similarities between the way a person dances and their personality, as well as the parallels between the challenges in one’s growth in tango and in life. Through dedication and practice, dancing tango can be a much lighter and more fun way to gain insight on many of our personal struggles. Seen as an embodiment practice, tango can help remove many of the physical, mental and emotional blocks that stand in the way of full freedom of expression. Catrinel hopes that through her teaching and dancing she can help others to feel confident, empowered and comfortable in their own skin.

7:00 PM Lesson by Gabriel Huracan Gaumond & Catrinel from Washington DC. They will teach “Colgaditas in close embrace for the dance floor”.

8:15 PM Milonga DJed by Gabriel

Lesson $15, Milonga $15, Both $20

For Your Safety

All dancers must have been vaccinated with their final shot at least two weeks before the event and are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose. Sanitation stations are provided, the dance floor is large, the ceiling is high, and the ventilation has been upgraded with high efficiency filters for your safety. Dancers are urged to bring their own water bottle. Dancers should not come if they are not feeling well, have been exposed to a person with Covid in the past 2 weeks, or are awaiting results for a Covid test. Attendance records are kept for each event so that contact tracing can be done if there is a need.

See you on Thursday!


45 Stockton Street

Princeton, NJ