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VivaTango Family

We hope this email finds all of you safe. It has been a month of face-to-face Tango interactions have stopped. Hopefully the virtual interactions and information we posted on www.VivaTango.org have helped. We want you to know that Jacklyn and Roberto have created their online Tango Fashion line. Their first product is a fantastic T-shirt. Read Jacklyn and Rogerto’s message to you below. A link to buy their first product in embedded in the letter. Hugs!!

Dear VivaTango Family 

We have been hiding out for a full month now, trying to pick up the pieces of our projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know many of you have tried to reach us, and we apologize in advance if we have not yet returned your messages. We are ok, but we are separated from each other for the time being. Roberto left a week early to Argentina to finalize and organize the Buenos Aires tour in the beginning of March, and Jacklyn and the tour group never had a chance to make it over to BA because of the start of the quarantine and travel restrictions. Currently, Roberto is still stuck in BA awaiting the first opportunity to return to U.S. We wanted to thank everyone who called, supported, and reached out to us during this difficult time.

We have been brainstorming a bunch of ideas as to how we will overcome this chapter. As many of you know, we are full time tango instructors and organizers, whom are one of many in a difficult spot right now.

Well, the stars aligned and the time has come release our new idea. We have been wanting to launch a line of ADICTANGO apparel for quite a while now, but were always pre-occupied with other tango projects that needed our attention. Now that we have the time, and we are off from teaching lessons – we have the chance to express our tango creativity in a totally new way.

We are presenting the LAUNCH OF ADICTANGO APPAREL. All of our designs are original pieces created and produced by both of us – all photography, artwork, and design elements are unique. Each piece has a story. Right now, we are focusing on awesome tango t-shirt designs and then hope to expand to other clothing categories.

So what inspired us? Well, year after year of waking the streets of Buenos Aries and pretty much scouring all the souvenir shops for gifts for people back home – we could never come across anything of quality or really nice to bring back as gifts. Usually stuff was just cheapy and cheesy. You would think that in the Mecca of tango, we could find a cool tango inspired shirt. Nope, nothing worthwhile. Then, we had a light bulb moment – to design tango inspired wardrobe staples. Starting with t-shirts first.

Check out our first design on our online store. This one took us a while to create, hundreds of pics of the same shot to get the perfect angle. So, we are excited to share it with you. We will be releasing new deigns as we create them soon – but didn’t want to wait any longer to launch.

If you’d like to support us through this difficult time – if you love our lessons and events, this is the way to help us in this moment so we can continue bringing you top quality tango instruction and events when this pandemic passes. We will be on our feet again, but now we need your help. We are not asking for a donation, but to consider purchasing of one of our pieces so we both have something in exchange! We will be forever grateful and hope to see you rockin our ADICTANGO shirts traveling, at your next festival, practica, class – where ever tango takes you!

We love you all, stay safe and healthy until we see you again.

Online store link below: first design release. Limited edition.


Big hugs from,
Jacklyn & Roberto


VivaTango Family,

We hope all of you are well. The Coronavirus has affected all of us. I am sure you are all missing the tango connections at Milongas. The instructors and musicians are particularly impacted by the social distancing. The instructors and musicians have adapted to this new world in creative ways. This email shares what is going on with those instructors and musicians that you enjoy connecting with at VivaTango. Check out their activities and support their efforts to uplift your spirits and keep all of us in the embrace of the Tango Family.

Michael Nadtochi:

To keep the tangueros and tangueras around the globe busy while in quarantine Silvina & Michael have filmed a few free online tango classes and created a page on Facebook. This page gained almost 2000 followers in the first week. Here is the page for you to follow: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeTangoVideos/

Michael is also sending a weekly newsletter. If you are not receiving this just contact him through his Facebook page and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Michael has set a ‘donate button’ on the page of his website where he hosts a collection of free tango lessons. Some dancers have been gracious to donate!  https://www.theartoftango.club/videos

Roberto and Jacklyn:

Their March Tango Tour to Buenos Aires was canceled for the safety of the dancers. Roberto, who traveledt to BA to arrange the final details in advance for the tour guests is now stuck in Argentina. American Airlines is only scheduled to fly in May, so his return date is in a holding pattern. Jacklyn is in Philadelphia. Jacklyn is working on several new ideas. One of them is tango t-shirt designs. An online store will be set up when these are ready. We will let you all know when this is. Were you at the Tango Fashion Show that Jacklyn performed at VivaTango? If not, you missed seeing the remarkable creativity of Jacklyn’s designs. She makes Tango Fashions that make Tango Dancers. This is the time to reach out and support Roberto and Jacklyn.  https://adictango.com/

Pablo and Iwona:

Pablo and Iwona are well. They are not offering any classes at this time, and we will resume teaching as soon as the social distancing period ends. They wish everybody good heath,

Eleonora Kalganova:

Eleonora and family are in New York City. She has created virtual classes online which you can attend on Zoom. The the next class is this Sunday April 5 starting at 2 PM. You can register by going to the event link https://www.facebook.com/events/207389827261082/

Maurizio Najt:

A man of many talents. Maurizio is now offering online piano lessons for classical and/or tango music, as well as general music and composition lessons. Besides being a musician, He is also a Spanish language instructor. For many years he taught medical Spanish to the students at Einstein School of Medicine in the Bronx, and he also taught at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. So, he is also offering online Spanish language classes as well. All you tangueros or tangueras who want to brush up your piano skills or your Spanish language, … or maybe learn some Tango lyrics or terminology, should message Maruizio at https://www.facebook.com/mnajt