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Oscuro Quintet

Milonga with Live Tango Music

 Kerry Kay is DJing


COST $20  $5 for STUDENTS


Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton
Large hard-wood dance floor with off-street parking

Socialize around VivaTango’s Food and Beverage tables

Dress to match your Tango Passion
Partner is not necessary – Non dancers are welcome

Cost $20 and $5 for students

The Oscuro Quintet, radiates the passion and the grace of tango from dance floors to concert halls with well-established staples of tango and new, progressive forms of the genre, including pieces composed by members of the group. Bandoneonist Shinjoo Cho, pianist Emilio Teubal, violinist Joseph Kauffman, bassist Ben Blazer, and guitarist Jason Klinke meld their talents to produce music that not only meets the expectations of passion and flair in tango, it also starts a new path for the genre’s evolution. Members of the group have performed in tango festivals on three continents, and prestigious venues such ad Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Kimmel Center. Come and dance to their music. Non dancers are welcome to come and listen to them. Admission only $20.


9/22 Sunday Brunch Milonga

Next Thursday

9/26 Junior and Guadalupe Teach and perform

Save the Date

10/3 Workshop and performance by Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera – Headliners for this year’s Philly Gala Tango Show

10/4 Philly Gala Tango Show