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Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu

Discover Tango Stem Steps

Kerry Kay DJing Milonga

Thursday November 1st


This week have your Tango dancing revived by Stem Step Therapy. Stem steps are steps that allow dancers to generate other steps and adornments of different levels of complexity. They are great to: better organize and plan dancers’ own Learning and practice; add variety and complexity to the dance in a clear and memorable way; and adjust movements to what works best for a given couple.


A milonga DJed by Kerry Kay will follow the lesson.


Iwona and Pablo will provide a guided practica after the lesson for dancers wanting some help in mastering the lesson.



9:00 pm Class with Pablo and Iwona

9:45 pm to Midnight Milona

Guided Practica following lesson

45 Stockton St, Princeton

Large hardwood dance floor

Off-street parking at the entrance

Socialize at VivaTango’s Food and Beverage tables
Partner is not necessary – Beginners welcome

Cost $15 and $5 for full time students

Coming Events

10/18 Jacklyn Shapiro and Roberto Pena –Jacklyn DJing

10/25 Live Music by Maurizio Najt plus Dmitri DJing



Holiday Party December 20th, Live music milonga

Maurizio Najt Trio

Scrumptious Holiday Food Table 

Thursday December 20 from 8 – Midnight.  Cost $20 and $5 for students


CROATIA TANGO FESTIVAL & TOUR December 4th – 12th, 2018 (8 nights, 9 days). A winter fairytale in the heart of Zagreb. Contact Roberto or Jacklyn at 267 808-1853 or  adictango1122@gmail.com