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Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu

Workshop “Fancy Turns Within the Embrace”  8pm

Milonga DJed by Peace

Performance 10pm

Thursday 8pm-11:45pm  August 30th  


This week, Pablo and Iwona will do their first performance at VivaTango. They will also teach a workshop on “Fancy Turns Within the Embrace“. Following the workshop will be a guided practice on one end of the dance floor and the Milonga on the other end

Pablo, who is originally from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, has studied tango with various master teachers in his home country and in the United States.

Iwona explored a few other forms of dance before taking up tango, which she has studied in depth and practiced locally. Pablo and Iwona teach the Argentine tango classes at Princeton Adult School and they teach regularly at Viva Tango in Princeton, where they are artists in residence.


Coming Events

9/6 Ivan Romero and Silvana Nunez  – Workshop and Performance like tonight (#8)

9/13 Michael Nadtochi

9/20 Jacklyn Shapiro and Roberto Pena – Performance, Showcase  and Workshop (#9)

9/27 Milonga with live music by the Pedro Giraudo Quartet – Piano, bandoneon, bass and violin. (#10)


Still time to purchase tickets to Roberto and Jacklyn’s Tango Gala to be on September 7th