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Jacklyn & Roberto – Invitation to the Adventure of a Lifetime

9:00 PM – Doors Open

9:10 Workshop – Lessons from Buenos Aires

10:00 Milonga

DJing by Roberto



Socialize around our food Table

Partner not needed

Beginners and spectators welcome

Off street lighted parking at door

Cost $15 (full time students $5)


Jacklyn Shapiro began studying ballroom and Latin dancing at the age of 12 and performed and competed in this venue. Her introduction to Argentine Tango was a transformative experience giving her the opportunity to bring all of the elements together: Sensuality, connection and the desire to express her inner-self.

Roberto Pena grew up in a family of tangueros in Buenos Aires. His tango roots took hold and he studied with tango masters. Deep inside, he felt that no matter how much he was able to absorb from the masters a critical component of his dance was missing – someone who was able to reflect an equal amount of spirit and ambition.

Roberto and Jacklyn found each other 6 years ago. After her first dances with Roberto, Jacklyn realized that Tango offers something unique – the ability to dance from the heart, be yourself and feel as though no one is watching. Roberto found that dancing with Jacklyn gave him the opportunity to express himself and take his dancing to the next level.

Today, Jacklyn and Roberto take every opportunity to learn from each other, maintain an open mind and grow together as they continue on their tango Journey. They love to perform and teach. With each passing day, they aspire to become more versatile dancers, and stay true to what Tango is at its core: Love, Passion, Creation and a form of Expression.

*******  On-going Events ******************

 8 Week Beginners Class Starts at 6:30 Thur. 10/5th
Right before Viva Tango Inc. Event @ 9pm


This are taught  by Pablo and Iwona at the Viva Tango dance floor just prior to VivaTango’s 9PM event. This is sponsored by the Princeton Adult School. Register on the Princeton Adult School web page, or by coming to the first class.

***** Coming Events – These are all 9 PM start times *****


11/16 Michael Nadtochi and Eleonora Kalganova – Michael DJing

11/23 Thanksgiving no event

11/30 Live Music

12/7 Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu

12/14 Michael Nadtochi and Eleonora Kalganova – Michael DJing

12/21 Holiday Party with Jacklyn Shapiro and Roberto Pena