8pm – doors open.

8:15 -11:30pm – dancing

Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton
Large hard-wood dance floor with off-street parking at the entrance
Socialize around VivaTango’s Food and Beverage tables
Partner is not necessary – non dancers are welcome.
Directions and details at http://www.VivaTango.org

Cost $15 and $5 for students

Viva Tango needs your help!
We have enjoyed many evenings dancing together with a nice environment of chairs, tables and food. It takes a significant effort for the organizers and volunteers to create this nice environment where you can dance and enjoy socializing.  We now need your help to make this happen.
We have lost some of our regular volunteers (Warren, Dennis) and have been getting bye recently due to the super efforts of David and Danelle. This is just too much for two people and they never get a break.
Viva Tango is desperately looking for volunteers to help to set up the room and to fold and put away everything at the end of the evening. It has become increasingly difficult and takes much longer to set up the room and food tables with only a couple of people and without a regular team of volunteers.
Please come and help us to make our evenings enjoyable and keep them going! Please contact Yelena at 732-406-7118, Please let Yelena know which time slots and Thursdays of the month you can help out.
Our goal is to have 4 to 6 people for the setup and take down each Thursday evening.  It will then be fast and easy.  We’d like to have enough volunteers so we can schedule shifts and have volunteers to help out only once or twice a month.  You’ll get to know your volunteer team members and the volunteering becomes a social event in itself. Thank you for your continued support and participation in our very special Viva Tango program.
See you on the dance floor!

Tango Events and Classes in the Neighborhood

ARGENTINE TANGO BASICS  by Pablo Garcia and Iwona Ionescu

8 Session(s) – Princeton, NJ at Suzanne Patterson Center
Mon  7:30 – 9:00 pm,  February 6 – April 3
– open for registration via PAS. Link to PAS:

In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of Argentine Tango, the way it is danced, and its social significance in Argentina and around the world. Students will also explore the history of Tango and its various musical forms. No partner or previous dance experience required.

Musicality Workshops. Pablo & Iwona are working on putting together at least two musicality workshops that would be held in Susanne Patterson Center this year. Exact dates – TBD.

Tuesday Intermediate Course:  at the West Windsor Arts Center in Princeton Junction. http://www.jerseydance.com/Calendar.html
The class is every Tuesday from 8:30-10:00 pm, and it is followed by a brief practica.

Princeton Tango Club on Mondays with Robin Thomas, started on February 13th,

The Art of Tango classes by Michael Nadtochi and Eleonora Kalganova on Wednesdays at 7pm  at Bound Brook Elks, South Bound Brooks, NJ. This season they are dedicating the entire course to the subject of LISTENING TO THE MUSIC, INTERPRETING MUSIC, CREATING and PLAYING with the MUSIC. Find the directions here: http://www.theartoftango.club/classes