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Viva Tango is hosting a Live Music Tango Event

Il Faut Tango Duo from Argentina

Musicality Workshop

Adorno Danceware Boutique

Thursday October 27 from 9 – 11:45.     Cost $20 and $5 for students
9:10 Workshop on Musicality

10:00 Dancing to Live Music

Adorno Danceware Boutique by Jacklyn Shapiro and Roberto Peña

Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton
Large hard-wood dance floor with off-street parking at the entrance
Socialize around VivaTango Family’s Food and Beverage table
Partner is not necessary – non dancers are welcome.

Iilduotangol Faut Tango Duo are a tango guitar duo from Buenos Aires , Argentina, who dazzle and delight audiences worldwide while seeking to enrich dancers’ musicality in Tango. Their concerts offer a beautiful selection of the most representative Tangos, Waltzes, and Milongas from the 20th century until now. Instrumental and sung songs adapted for all kinds of venues

Flavio Romanelli
flavioromanelliComposer, arranger, guitarist and music teacher. Graduated from the “School of Music of Buenos Aires” (2006), there he joined the Tango Orchestra of that institution. He continued his studies at the “National Academy of Tango” (2009) with the great Maestro Anibal Arias. He was part of the 3rd Campus of Contemporary Guitar, dictated jointly by important teachers as Quique Sinesi and Carlos Moscardini among others. Currently he is studying a degree in Music Composition at the National University of Arts (Argentina). He has toured throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Marcos Martignano
marcusmartignanoComposer, arranger, guitar player. Graduated from the Conservatory of Chascomús (Buenos Aires), he completed studies with Eduardo Pertusi. He continued his studies at the “National Academy of Tango” (2009) with the great Maestro Anibal Arias. He has participated in several seminars and master classes both in Brazil and Uruguay in 2007 and 2008. He studied harmony and composition in SADAIC (Buenos Aires) by Maestro Juan Carlos Cirigliano between 2012 and 2014. In recent years, he has toured throughout the European continent.


10/30 Sunday – HALLOWEEN MILONGA. Costume Party!! Performance by Olga Pisano and Juan Alessandrini.

11/3 Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu

11/10 Jacklyn Shapiro and Roberto Pena – Lesson, Performance and Jacklyn DJing

11/17 Jacklyn Shapiro and Roberto Pena – Lesson and Jacklyn DJing

11/24 Thanksgiving no event

12/1 Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Ionescu – Lesson and Performance

12/8 Michael Nadtochi & Eleonora Kalganova – Michael DJing

12/15 Holiday Party


Robin Thomas is back at Princeton Tango Club!
Mondays, 7-midnight, classes and practica. Be sure you sign for email!
Oscar Casas in Philadelphia , Workshops and Milongas, October 28 – 30