M&E 2mage008

8:00pm – Doors Open

8:15pm – Lesson

9:15 – 12pm – Practica, Socializing around Food table

Class and Milonga only $15

Viva Tango Inc.‘s events are EVERY THURSDAY at the Suzanne Patterson Building, 45 Stockton St, Princeton. Dance on one of the best & large wooden dancing floor. Mingle with other Tangueras & Tangueros and enjoy tasty foods at our food table. Off-street parking at the entrance and great AC system. No partner necessary. Cost $15 (Students $5).

Announcement !!!!

Mark the date!  Thursday, August 25th – Special Milonga celebrating 5th anniversary of VivaTango !! Volunteers needed for festive food donations and room setup. Any suggestions for making this evening very special are welcome!! Please contact : princeton.vivatango@gmail.com

Friends of VivaTango,

VivaTango strives to layout the best food and beverage tables for all its events. We have had several great chefs who did this for us in the past. David and Dennis have done this now for the past few years. Our average number of dancers have doubled during this time, and we now want to go to a two person team to do the food each week. So we looking for two Tango Heros to be our food persons.  This team would jointly buy the food each week and set it up at the Suzanne Paterson Building. The team needs to have space to store serving dishes between events. If you want to know more please send email to Dennis Matthies at PrincetonTiger74@gmail.com