8:00pm  – Doors open

  8:15pm – 9:15pm Lesson by Pablo and Iwona

  9:15pm  – 11:30pm Dancing. DJing by Guillermo and       Vittoria

  10pm – Performance by Sebastian Jimenes  and  Joana Fernandes Gomez   


Private Lesson Opportunity with World Champion: 2010 Mundial Champion, Sebastian Jimenez and his new partner Joana Fernandes Gomez, will be in New Jersey July 11-18. Don’t miss out on this rare and special opportunity to take a class from this world class dancer, recognized today to be one of the best dancers of the Tango Salon style. A student of Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, Sebastian along with his former partner Maria Ines Bogado, won both the World Salon Tango Championship and the Tango Vals category of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship in 2010. He was the youngest competitor to ever win a World Tango Competition. A generous teacher, Sebastian is well loved by students, everywhere. He tours constantly teaching and performing at the most prestigious tango festivals in Europe, Asia and around the globe. Joana Fernandes Gomez, Sebastian’s wife and new dance partner, has been involved in the creation of dance performances, for many years. Joana has studied with many of the best known teachers in Buenos Aires. Lessons with Sebastian are $100.00 an hour and with Sebastian and Joana are $120.00 an hour. Book five hours of lessons with Sebastian and Joana for $600.00 and receive a $100.00 discount. Lessons will be taught in Cherry Hill NJ between 11:30 am and 8:30 pm. To schedule privates, contact Vittoria & Guillermo at tangodancers@comcast.net or tangodancers2@gmail.com .

Viva Tango Inc.‘s events are EVERY THURSDAY at the Suzanne Patterson Building, 45 Stockton St, Princeton. Dance on one of the best & large wooden dancing floor. Mingle with other Tangueras & Tangueros and enjoy tasty foods at our food table. Off-street parking at the entrance and great AC system. No partner necessary. Cost $15 (Students $5).