No VivaTango Event this Thursday June 30th. Our dance floor will be resurfaced during that week and will not be available to us until the following Thursday July 7th.


Sebastian Jimenez  image001

Private Lesson Opportunity with World Champion: 2010 Mundial Champion, Sebastian Jimenez and his new partner Joana Fernandes Gomez, will be in New Jersey July 11-18. Don’t miss out on this rare and special opportunity to take a class from this world class dancer, recognized today to be one of the best dancers of the Tango Salon style. A student of Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, Sebastian along with his former partner Maria Ines Bogado, won both the World Salon Tango Championship and the Tango Vals category of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship in 2010. He was the youngest competitor to ever win a World Tango Competition. Sebastian is well loved by students, everywhere. He tours constantly teaching and performing at the most prestigious festivals in Europe, Asia and around the globe. Joana Fernandes Gomez, Sebastian’s wife and new dance partner, has been involved in the creation of dance performances, for many years. Joana has studied with the best known teachers in Buenos Aires. Lessons with Sebastian are $100.00 an hour and with Sebastian and Joana are $120.00 an hour. Book five hours of lessons with Sebastian and Joana for $600.00 and receive a $100.00 discount. Lesons will be taught in Cherry Hill NJ between 11:30 am and 8:30 pm. To schedule privates, contact Vittoria & Guillermo at or .  Please mark your calendar for Thursday, July, 14.  A performance by Sebastian and Joana will take place at VivaTango.


July 14th, 6:46pm –  Semi Private Lessons with Pablo Garcia Gomez and Iwona Iounescu: Pablo and Iwona will teach a special workshop at the Suzanne Patterson Building in Princeton prior to the VivaTango Thursday event July 14th. This special workshop will be limited to 4 leaders and 4 followers. The workshop will focus on the three key elements to improve the quality of your tango dance: balance, connection, and flow. This is an all levels workshop. The class will begin at 6:45 pm. Cost is only $20. Register now since the work shop will be limited in size. To register please email Pablo and Iwona at

cyrinaDrusineCyrena Drusine and Stani will be teaching group classes in NYC this summer until she returns to Buenos Aires. The link for more information about these classes is:

Milonga Panteraimage014  Tango at the Jersey Shore on Wednesdays.


M&E 17/7 Michael Nadtochi and Eleonora Kalganova Return from European Tour

Jimenesimage0047/14 Performance by Words Champion Sebastian Jimenez; Lesson by Pablo y Iwona; DJing by  Guillermo and Vittoria

cyrinaDrusine7/21 Lesson and Performance by US Tango Champion Cyrena Drusine

Los Chantas Duo Small7/28 Live Music Milonga with Los Chantas Tango Duo featuring Emilio Teubal on piano and David Hodges on bandoneon

Pablo8/4 Lesson by Pablo and Iwona with DJing by Peace

M&E 2mage0088/11 Michael Nadtochi and Eleonora

8/18 To Be Announced

Vendymage0178/25 Live music by Prince Tango Emilio Solla on piano, Pablo Lanouguere on bass and Wendy Zoffer on flute.