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Michael Nadtochi Y Eleonora

Michael and Eleonora are finally back @ Viva after a long international Tango tour.
You may search for Michael and Eleonora on the web for exciting info. or watch this performance: https://vimeo.com/122424288

TODAY, Thursday, Viva Tango Inc. events starts @ 8 PM.

8-8:30 PM Fundamentals/Warm-up class (beginners welcome)
8:30-9:15 Tango Movements class
9:30-Midnight Practica

We are @ Suzanne Patterson Building, 45 Stockton St, Princeton. Large and beautiful wood dancing floor, in a night club setting, cozy dancing, low light, café style milonga, night club atmosphere, great tangueras & tangueros to dance and socialized with, real tasty food, off-street parking at the entrance and great heating system.  $15 (yes, this is not a typo).

Ladies Night Out, Thursday May 14th. A special Evening in Princeton’s Palmer Square just prior to VivaTango. See this link http://www.palmersquare.com/events/girls-night-out for details. Come and taste the food samples, have a drink or two and indulge in the shopping specials at Palmer Square before coming to VivaTango. You can park at VivaTango’s lot and walk to Palmer Square.