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Carrie Fertig is coming all the way from Scotland to DJ, just for our loyal Viva Tango inc. patrons. You may remember Carrie from last year Halloween party, with her intriguing raven hat and beautiful Tango music.

Come to say goodbye to 
Vittoria & Guillermo 
who are going to Buenos Aires Soon.

9-10 Vittoria & Guillermo, intermediate class:  “tango, puro tango, from the old milongueros”, a figure from carlos and rosa perez.

10 – Midnight – Practica w/Carrie DJing, Food, Socializing in cozy club atmosphere.

Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton. Fabulous dance floor with off-street parking at the entrance. Partner is not necessary.
Cost $10, Student 5.

Special Free Tango Movie screening:
“Let’s Tango & Footnotes”
Free Screening & Special Dance Appearance
Wednesday November 5th at 7.30pm
Princeton Garden Theatre
160 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ 08542