Octavio Brunetti died in New York City on August 29. VivaTango mourns the passing of this great talent and reverently remembers the life he brought to previous VivaTango Milongas. Thanks to you who contributed to support him at our recent milonga; VivaTango sent $200 to his family.
Brunetti was best known for his album “TeAmo Tango,” which won the Grammy Award for best tango album in 2007. From early childhood, Brunetti was trained in classical piano, and before he even finished his studies at the National School of Music he was already playing in concerts discovering his passion for the music from his country. In 2002, he was named conductor at the Provincial Orchestra of Popular Music in Cordoba. After an extensive European Tour he visited the US, and in his first participation of the International Tango Competition in New York he took first price in both categories: Best Solo Pianist and Best Duo. His recordings include “Saludos” with Domingo Federico, “Tierra y Asfalto” with his own Duo, “Inquietudes” with Omar Torres Quintet, and most recently he has recorded with world famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.