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Last Week's Vals Lesson

Last Week’s Vals Lesson

Antón Gazenbeek, together with Jody Person return again this week to teach Tango Vals in the Criollo sytle. Their vals lesson last week was praised by the 40+ dancers who participated in the lesson. Tango Vals is one of their specialities for which they have a worldwide reputation. The lesson was followed by the Practica which had 60+ dancers who were dancing the entire evening. We all are looking forward to this week’s lesson and practica. The Viva Tango classes this Thursday will focus on the fundamental concepts, the structural secrets and musicality of Tango Vals. At the conclusion of this week’s lesson Anton and Jody will do a performance of Tango Vals.

8:00 PM – An all level class (beginners are welcome) Fundamentals of Tango Vals.

8:45 Intermediate class: Secrets and musicality of Vals Criollo.

Performance of Tango Vals after the lesson by Anton and Jody

9:30 – Midnight – Practica, food, socializing in cozy club atmosphere.

Location is Suzanne Patterson Building at 45 Stockton St, Princeton. Large and beautiful dance floor.

Plenty of parking near the door.

Partner is not necessary.

Cost $15