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Last week was another great tango event with over 50 dancers. Are you in the photo below? If not be sure to come this week to see Anton Gazenbeek.
VivaThe following links will take you to Anton’s Web Page with bio and videos. The second link gives a more extensive outline of his many accomplishments:



Anton Gazenbeek

Anton Gazenbeek moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2003 to carry out research for a series of books and documentaries he was writing. During his early time there, he was discovered by Graciela Cabrera, a famed choreographer and began to perform nightly at the many tango show houses in the city, becoming the only foreigner at that time to ever have done so. When the famed dance couple Carlos Copello and Alicia Monti separated after 18 years of partnership, Antón was called in as Carlos’ replacement and the couple performed with Horacio Salgán, Alberto Podestá (es), Ubaldo de Lío (es) and Ariel Ardit as well as conducted numerous tours to China, Japan, Korea and the United States.

Upon the completion of his partnership with Alicia Monti, Gazenbeek formed a dance couple with the young dancer Natalie Laruccia with whom he toured North America and Asia and gave countless performances across Argentina. Performances at Lincoln Center and on television followed including a special presentation at the World Tango Festival which was an unprecedented success.

Mr. Gazenbeek has performed at all the major tango show houses and milongas in Buenos Aires as well as on tour in Europe, Asia, and the United States where he frequently performs with world-renowned symphony orchestras. He has partnered with some of the top female tango dancers in the world including Guillermina Quiroga, Johana Copes, Alicia Monti, Susana Rojo, Carolina Jaurena, Carina Losano, and Annatina Luck. In addition to performing with these professional dancers, Antón has performed with Margarita Guillé, Ofelia Rosito, and Nina Balbuena all three of whom are referred to as the “royalty of tango” in Buenos Aires. He specializes in the style of Antonio Todaro, is the only surving proponent of authentic Tango al Revés in the world and a master of all the styles of Argentine Tango from Canyengue and Orillero to the modern styles of today.


Thursday, Jan 30: 8-8:45 PM all level class (beginners are welcome). 8:45–9:30 Intermediate. 9:30–11:30, practica, food, and socializing. No partner necessary.

Suzanne Patterson Center, 45 Stockton St., Princeton. $15.