If you were not one of the 43 dancers this past Thursday then you missed a great evening. We were happy see so many of our friends. The lesson tied together the past two weeks of lessons and took the class step-by-step through a sequence that included boleos for men and enrosques for women. The light dinner was sumptuous and the dance floor was busy all evening.

May 16 will be another great Thursday tango. Come see who else will be present to see the acclaimed tango instructors from New York, Andres Bravo and Carolina Jaurena. Do not miss their performance. Below is a brief bio of their accomplishments. Check out their web page for more details, photos and videos: http://www.andresycarolina.com/

Andres Bravo is a talented instructor and dancer of salon and stage Tango. In 2006 he was National Stage Tango Champion in “Tangovia” and in 2009 he won the National Stage Tango Competition in the city of Bogota. Andres has dedicated great part of his professional life to teaching tango to people in a very unique and effortless way. During the past year, Andres has performed with the show “Three to Tango”, touring in the United States and abroad.
Carolina Jaurena has a long list of dance credits including Tango & Tango at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. Carolina is also a much sought after performer in television and film including her role as a primary dancer in the feature film Random Hearts directed by Sidney Pollack and starring Harrison Ford. Carolina is a much respected and sought after instructor who has taught at numerous festivals including; The Colorado Dance Festival, The D.C. Tango Festival, The Boston Tango Festival, Connecticut Tango Festival and the Stockholm Tango Festival.